The residency has developed a systematic program of evaluation that includes ongoing informal and formal evaluation of program design and content, trainee performance and competence, and faculty evaluation. Evaluation information is used by the Program Director, the Hospitals' Medical Education Committee, the Medical Education Department, and the Hospital Administration in a process of continuous quality improvement.

Program Evaluation: A variety of methods is used to evaluate formally the program:

  • Chief Residents and program directors participate in monthly meetings of the department's Medical Education Committee, at which program improvement is discussed.
  • Each program trainee completes a formal electronic "Service Evaluation" at the end of each month of training. This evaluation asks trainees to rate several areas of the program as well as faculty performance on their service. The Program Director reviews these evaluations. Quarterly, confidential, anonymous reports of "Service" ratings are complied and distributed to the Program Director and the Medical Education Committee.
  • The Medical Education Department conducts semi-annual confidential electronic surveys of all trainees regarding their level of satisfaction with all aspects of the training environment. Open-ended questions allow residents to comment freely on areas of concern as well as strengths of the program.
  • Residents in the Program also evaluate their Program Director annually using a confidential and anonymous electronic form developed by the Medical Education Department.
  • Residents annually evaluate the program in writing using the ACOEP Resident Annual Report.

Work Hours Evaluation: Each trainee logs duty hours, including clinical time, required educational sessions, call duty hours and moonlighting, in the hospitals' designated system, which calculates and tracks compliance. Reports are reviewed monthly by the Medical Education Committee. Residents should report to the DME or program director immediately if they are scheduled in such a way that work hour limits are exceeded.

Resident Evaluation: The Faculty and the Program Director closely monitors trainee performance and competency throughout the training program. This evaluation is both informal and formal. At the completion of each month's rotation, the supervising faculty evaluates the trainee in writing using a competency-based electronic evaluation form provided by the Medical Education Department. This evaluation is acknowledged by the trainee at a meeting with the faculty supervisor and submitted to the DME for review. Any indication of a problem in the trainee's progress toward meeting the goals of the program is addressed immediately by the DME and the Program Director.

Faculty Evaluation: Program interns and residents complete a written formal "Service Evaluation" of program faculty on their service at the end of each month's rotation using a competency-based format. Additionally, the "Service Evaluation" asks trainees to rate faculty on several areas relating to quality of training on the service. Space is also provided on the form for comments. After completing the electronic form, it is reviewed by the DME. Bi-annual, confidential, anonymous reports of "Service" ratings are complied and provided to the Program Director and Director of Medical Education.