Resident Testimonials

Heidi Monaghan

Hometown: Gladwin, Michigan
BS Biology from Michigan Technological University
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Degree from Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine at Rosalind Franklin University
While at Scholl, member of Durlacher Honor Society

What attracted you to HFWH for residency training?
During my 3rd year of podiatry school I did an externship here and was impressed with the large surgical volume that the residents were exposed to. I saw a nice mix of Elective forefoot cases with equal rearfoot and trauma experience. I was also attracted to the independence that the program allows. One major difference at HFWH is that we have the option to make our education our own by adding new or different rotations and a director that encourages us to do so.

What is living in Detroit like for you?
Detroit is very different from my rural up bringing, but I find that it's very similar to many other larger cities in the Midwest. One perk is the cost of living here is cheaper than most other urban areas, yet we have very similar amenities. I live in a cute little neighborhood where I feel safe walking my dog at night and actually know most of my neighbors' names. Big city living with a hometown feel!

Anything surprise you about HFWH?
I was impressed when I first started, with how welcoming everyone was. A smile and a wave as you pass by someone in the hallway occurs on a regular basis here. That was not something that I saw at many other facilities as a rotating student. The atmosphere is very friendly and very conducive to learning.

Do you feel your residency program is preparing you for a rewarding and successful career in medicine?
I do. I am not even one year in and I already see my confidence both surgically and clinically growing exponentially. This is the type of program where you get your hands dirty right away, and are expected to hit the ground running. The large number of surgical cases and the clinical opportunities that we have here are helping to mold me into a physician that can handle just about any thing in the office or OR setting.

Would you recommend HFWH's residency to a friend?
Yes, and I have. We are a little program with a lot to offer. If you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will receive some of the best training available.

What are your plans for the future?
I plan to join or open a private practice in Northern or Western Michigan and preferably live in a rural area.

Joshua Morris

Hometown: Oregon, Ohio
BS Biochemistry from University of Toledo
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Degree from Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
While at OCPM, was on Dean's list and received Academic Scholarship

What attracted you to a career in medicine?
I was involved in numerous sports growing up. I also enjoyed Biology and Chemistry classes with the aspiration of becoming a doctor in middle school. However, in high school I developed tendonitis of my Achilles tendon. I sought the care of a podiatrist, who quickly got me back into the game. Upon informing the doctor of my interests in medicine he offered to allow me to shadow in his office. Within the first 3 visits I was hooked. Podiatry has much to offer in being a procedure oriented profession. The treatment of patients not only requires knowledge, but dexterity and intuition as well. Podiatry is unique in that most patients leave the office feeling much better than they had at presentation, as many procedures offer immediate pain relief.

What attracted you to Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital for residency training?
I spent a month as a 4th year extern at the hospital and I was very impressed with the staff, doctors, and medical education. The hospitality and kindness is contagious within the hospital. The patient population is also very diverse and numerous. The Detroit area has many practicing podiatrists therefore the standard of care is constantly evolving. The region is frequently on the forefront of up and coming procedures and techniques.

How approachable are the faculty that you train with here at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital?
All of the attendings and senior residents that I have worked with have had an open door policy. On day one of a rotation or meeting I received their home and cell phone numbers along with any other means of contact. I was then given the instruction to call at any time with questions. And you know what...they actually meant it!

Anything surprise you about Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital's Program?
The camaraderie between all doctors, residents, and staff as everyone is working for the benefit of the patients. There is not stratification of treatment plan as everyone's opinion matters.

Would you recommend Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital's residency program to a friend?
Definitely, I have already spent numerous hours explaining the benefits and perks of the program here at Wyandotte to my friends and underclassmen at my former school. The hands-on experience here at Wyandotte is matched by few if any other programs.