Are nurses born or created?

Caleisa Thomas, R.N. brings connection to caring for patients

Caleisa Thomas RN

Are nurses born or created? This is an interesting question to ponder and one that most nurses could readily answer. For Henry Ford Hospital RN Caleisa Thomas, the former is certainly the case.

“Honestly, I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t a nurse,” said Caleisa, who has worked on P6 as an RN for 10 months and as a nurse assistant before that for nearly two years. “There is nothing that I can think of that would fit me besides working in health care and saving lives. I think because I am doing something that makes me happy, it benefits my patients as well.”

Two of her recent patients were so appreciative of the care provided by Caleisa, they nominated her for a DAISY Award. One patient commented that in addition to exceptional care, Caleisa was also interested in him as a person, “not just a body that was recovering from surgery.” He went on to say that this brought him hope, which was crucial to his healing process.

Another patient recognized Caleisa’s “bright and calm demeanor” as keys to her reduced suffering. “She maintains wonderful eye contact and focus,” this patient wrote. “Caleisa brought joy into the life of this patient at a time when I was fearful, alone and in pain. She clearly has the gift of healing.”

These words reflect Caleisa’s passion for nursing, and her calling.

“I was raised and taught as a child growing up to treat people the way that I would like to be treated,” she explained. “When addressing someone, you look them in the eyes and show that they have your undivided attention. Those are qualities that have stuck with me.”

They are also apt to remain with Caleisa’s patients when they think of their experience with the Henry Ford Health System. Thank you for your positive impact on patients, Caleisa.