Nurse Supervisor Models Caring

Cindy Cooper

Mentoring is one way to instill best practice behaviors in others. Though she has not done this in a formal way, Cindy Cooper, who works as a nurse supervisor at the Henry Ford Medical Center in Taylor, has been a shining example of living the Culture of Caring for the scores of nurses and patients with whom she comes in contact.

“Cindy does a great job assuring quality at her site,” says Mary Jo Dipple, Regional Manager, Ambulatory Nursing Practice. “She models Culture of Caring and is returning to school this fall for her Master’s degree.”

Indeed, Cindy has made a huge impact on the center in Taylor, always looking for ways to improve processes while increasing patient care and decreasing their suffering. Her focus doesn’t waver from this mission.

“The focus on quality is a team effort,” says Cindy, who has worked with HFHS for 28 years, the past 26 as an RN. “We discuss this at every team meeting or huddle. In our discussions we include our Press Ganey results and what this means for our practice. In fact, one of my units had a 14-point jump in their results because of our focus on fixing what is lacking.”

One change she is in the process of making is to the nurses’ station, creating a more ergonomically correct area. Additionally, she and her team are investigating moving drawing vaccines out of the nurses’ station and to the med room.

“We believe this can decrease the chance for errors as the staff would not be interrupted while caring out these tasks,” she explained. 

Improving the environment for her team is only part of her charge. She also includes ideas from her team members to create a workplace owned by all.

“Whenever possible, I ask my team to have a part in the changes that need to be made to improve quality,” she says. “By engaging the staff, they feel they own that part of the practice and are more engaged to follow through and complete the tasks as we had discussed. I also am not afraid to use other team members’ ideas.”

It is no surprise then that Cindy has embraced the Culture of Caring as part of what she and her team practice every day. She has seen its value in innumerable ways, including how patients react to being introduced to the environment and to the care team.

“Culture of Caring is an important part of our everyday lives at Henry Ford,” she adds. “Every team member should be taking pride and using these tools to make sure that every customer that walks into our facility feels special and that their needs are being met. By following the Culture of Caring model, every team member becomes a stronger link in our chain of care and helps them focus on the most important aspect of our jobs, the customer.”

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