Patient Progress: The Best Reward

Right out of nursing school, RN Jeannine Vigneau started her job with Henry Ford Health System. That was 19 years ago and she continues to enjoy her chosen profession. While she has grown in her delivery of care, one thing has remained constant: the fulfillment she feels when seeing her patients’ health improve.

“There are many rewards for being a nurse,” Vigneau says. “Just seeing their progress from day-to-day is great. But it is also important knowing that I can help someone get through a tough time.”

The Culture of Caring AIDET +1 model fits nicely into Vigneau’s beliefs about how patients should be treated and how care should be administered by nurses and the rest of the care team. Each letter and definition of this care model is intuitive, she says.

“The Culture of Caring and AIDET actually is common sense to me,” Vigneau says. “I feel that I'm going to give each and every patient the best care that I can give them (which they deserve) because if you think about it, if one of my family members was in the hospital I would want the same for them.”

She accomplishes this level of care by starting from square one: listening to the patient. Without doing this, effective care cannot be given, she believes.

“I think the development of truly listening goes hand-in-hand with the total care of your patient,” she says. “If you don't really listen to them, you aren't giving them your full attention, which then means you aren't be doing the best you can for them.

“As hectic as it can get here on the floor, you really try to give each of your patients the time they deserve, which means listening to them.”

This is the first part of the key message offered in the CNO column this month: Listen Up and Speak Up. It is through listening to the patient (or family members) that allows a nurse to speak up on behalf of the patient and advocate for them. Vigneau is a great example of this!

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