Cancer Research Areas of Emphasis

cancer researchers conferenceAt the Henry Ford Cancer Institute, our research focuses on identifying the causes and progression of cancer and improving its prevention, detection and treatment.

Our investigators study cancer from the tiniest details of genetics to the big picture of cancer imaging and post-treatment survivorship. We work to learn more about cancer, from its earliest detection to the challenges that patients face after completing cancer treatment.

Cancer research programs

Much of our cancer research is multidisciplinary, with physicians and researchers from a variety of specialties working together. Many of our research programs overlap. For instance, our scientists might study gene therapy for prostate, breast or gynecologic cancer.

In general, our cancer research includes nine programs:

Types of cancer research

Every research project we undertake works toward a singular goal: eliminating cancer. We pursue this goal via a variety of different research paths, or types of cancer research. These include:

  • Epidemiological research: Studying how and why cancer develops in certain populations
  • Behavioral research: Understanding which actions may contribute to the development or recurrence of certain types of cancer, and which factors influence how well patients complete their prescribed treatment
  • Basic research: Working with the building blocks of the human body on molecular and cellular levels
  • Clinical research: Studying specific treatments and ways to deliver them
  • Translational research: Applying research from the lab to patient care, often through our extensive clinical trials
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