Patient Engaged Research Center FAQs

What is Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR)?

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research is putting the patient and their families health priorities first by moving away from a disease-centered model of health care to a patient-centered model. In Sept. 2013, AHRQ awarded HFHS a $5 million / 5 year grant to develop the infrastructure for Patient Centered Outcomes Research.

Why is PCOR important?

PCOR begins with patient preferences and needs, focusing on outcomes that matter to the patient such as survival, function, symptoms, and health-related quality of life. The ACA designated > $3.5B in funds for PCOR through 2019.

Our Vision for the Future…..

Create a self-sustaining Center to transform evidenced based care, through patient advisors guiding research and implementation to achieve patient centered outcomes.

What progress have we made?

Developing dedicated resources for 4 research function cores:

  • Patient Engagement
  • Study Design, Analysis and Measurement
  • Patient Data Network
  • Dissemination and Implementation

Creating approaches for our 3 projects:

Educating and Engaging stakeholders

  • Creating Patient Advisor Groups
  • Preparing Patient Advisors to participate as full members of research teams.

How you can get involved

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