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Dr. Brian Ahmedani received his PhD and MSW degrees in Social Work from Michigan State University (MSU). He is a fully licensed clinical and macro masters-level social worker in the State of Michigan. Dr. Ahmedani also completed a graduate certificate in Epidemiology at MSU during his NIH / NIDA-funded fellowship program in Drug Dependence Epidemiology. He joined the Center for Health Policy and Health Services Research at Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) in 2010. His research interests are in the area of health services and health disparities for individuals with mental health and drug use conditions. He is also particularly interested in suicide prevention and psychiatric comorbidities. Currently, he is the HFHS Site-PI for the NIMH-funded Mental Health Research Network. He is also the PI or a co-investigator on several psychiatric services projects, including an epidemiological investigation of adherence to depression treatments as well as intervention projects for depression, alcohol and drug use, and suicide prevention.

Recent publications

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