Research & Clinical Trials

At the Josephine Ford Cancer Institute (JFCI) at Henry Ford, our team conducts some of the latest cancer research right here at our center. We are actively involved in researching better methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancers, including thoracic cancer.

Advanced thoracic cancer research

Our thoracic cancer team developed some of the most effective diagnostic tests and treatments used today. Their work continues with research into new treatments and approaches to cancer care. Our researchers are investigating:

  • Disease screening.
  • Cancer prevention and management, including studies to identify circulating tumor cells in the blood for lung cancer patients. Learn more about lung cancer treatment.
  • Genetic screening for cancer, including a project that conducts a detailed genetic analysis of early-stage lung tumors to learn to predict the risk of recurrence. Find out more about lung cancer diagnosis.
  • New and more advanced treatments.

Innovative clinical trials for thoracic cancer

Clinical trials are test programs for new therapies for cancer. These trials help us develop more effective ways to prevent, diagnose and treat thoracic cancer.

Participation in clinical trials is voluntary, but it offers some patients additional treatment options. This can be especially valuable for difficult-to-treat conditions like mesothelioma. We consider each patient for appropriate clinical trials during our treatment evaluations.


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