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Breaking Barriers to Representation in Healthcare

Challenge applications are closed: Check back in December to learn about the winner.

Representation in healthcare innovation, design, and implementation of new technologies transforms good ideas to great solutions.

Henry Ford Health is committed to serving as a trusted partner in health one person at a time. This commitment is anchored in the principles of inclusion and community engagement. Innovation can improve health outcomes, for those faced with chronic disease, while honoring our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice rely on navigation and engagement with the multitude of people, groups, and services (stakeholders) impacted. This is necessary to guide development of the innovation, support all communities impacted by this change, and to drive successful and durable adoption.

In the evolving landscape of healthcare, special emphasis must be placed on the journey of patients with chronic diseases. Chronic disease management transcends just medical interventions; it's about cultivating an enriched experience for both patients and their families. Such an experience involves their active participation, informed decisions, and empowerment from diagnosis to recovery. At Henry Ford Health, we understand the pressing need for tools and platforms designed to not only adeptly manage chronic conditions but also to foster a seamless communication ensuring every voice in a patient’s care journey is acknowledged and respected.

In this challenge, our focus is directed towards discovering groundbreaking patient care management tools and software solutions. The ideal solution would be one that forms the foundation of patient care, fortifying continuous engagement and in turn, amplifying patient experiences and outcomes. As we steer through the intricate pathways of modern healthcare, the essence of a healthcare management solution becomes evident. Such tools should champion communication, foster collaboration, and streamline care plans spanning across medical providers, patients, caregivers, and family members. With this challenge, we are reaching out to innovators with technology and foresight to enhance health outcomes and accentuate the importance of all-inclusive stakeholder participation.
In this challenge we aim to support a technology, company or idea that resonates with our passion for improving health outcomes with stakeholder awareness and engagement at the core.

Every Voice Matters: Creating solutions that improve communication, engagement, and inclusivity.

  1. Can your proposed solution identify/target gaps in engagement between various stakeholders (front-line, patients, care providers, leadership, etc.)?
  2. How can your proposed solution support engagement through education?
  3. How can your proposed solution increase efficiencies in this process?
  4. How can your proposed solution contribute to the design of inclusive and informed healthcare progress?
  5. How can your proposed solution help to navigate overcoming inequity and bias in healthcare implementation, design, and research?

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Want to get involved?
Reach out to the Henry Ford Innovations team. 

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