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Digital Inclusion Challenge

women thinkingDigital technologies have impacted nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Digital exclusion creates layers of inequities, including a lack of access to education and health resources to support populations who may need them the most. Henry Ford Health System (HFHS), Google, and Miracle Software Systems invite entrepreneurs from across the U.S. to develop solutions that address health inequities by promoting Digital Inclusion. The winning team will have the opportunity to develop their solution in partnership with the Henry Ford Health System.

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All entries that address the topic of digital inclusion will be considered. However, we offer the following specific questions based on pain points in existing healthcare delivery systems. Applicants are encouraged to use this as a guide and narrow their solution to address a single topic.

  1. Affordability and Accessibility
    1. How does the proposed solution improve healthcare access for the patient?
    2.  How does the proposed solution improve affordability of healthcare for the patient?

  2. Patient and Patient Supporters’ Education, Health Literacy, and Wellness
    1. How does the proposed solution empower patients and their families to learn about their health, healthcare delivery options, and how lifestyle choices impact their health and wellness?
    2. Which types of healthcare workers (e.g., nurses, physicians, community health workers, etc.) will use this solution to educate patients? How is it clearly communicated to the patient? How is the education tailored to the audience population? What are the action items from the education? How is the education adjusted for different levels of healthcare literacy?

  3. Care Delivery and Experience
    1. How does the proposed solution empower clinicians to deliver high-quality, person-centered care to populations with compounding barriers?
    2. Where in the care journey is the tool implemented? Patient engagement? Communication with patients? Screening? Diagnostics and care planning? Treatment delivery? On-going monitoring? (e.g., in the home-setting)
    3. How does the proposed solution enhance the patient experience and journey?

These questions are meant to support critical thinking and provide context for the types of solutions HFHS seeks. Applicants are not required to answer every question listed for their selected category.

*Applications open on May 19 during the panel kickoff event and close on June 24.

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Current Challenge:

Digital Inclusion Challenge

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