Ola Glezen

Registered Nurse / Gastroenterology Deptartment
Henry Ford Health System

Ola Glezen

Ola Glezen is a licensed attorney as well as a Registered Nurse. Currently in her third year of nursing practice, she works in Gastroenterology at Henry Ford’s Main Campus. Previously, Ola worked in Infectious Disease, receiving six Daisy awards for Excellence in Nursing Care within a year.

Ola received both a JD and a BSc, Summa Cum Laude, from Wayne State University. She is a published Wayne Law Review author and editor. She practiced at the firms of Dickinson Wright, and Hardy, Lewis, and Page, serving clients such as General Motors.

Ola established her own executive recruiting firm at the request of law firm and corporate clients such as Liberty Mutual Insurance. She also managed both a successful medical practice as well as a luxury spa while completing film school at the Motion Picture Institute of Michigan and esthetician coursework at the Michigan College of Beauty.

Ola received her BSN, with University Honors, from Grand Canyon University. She completed her ADN, Summa Cum Laude, from Oakland Community College, receiving the faculty-awarded Nursing in the New Millenium Award and a State of Michigan Nursing Scholarship.

She authored numerous articles on nursing, patient education, law, business, and the role of the arts in patient education.

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