Youssef Nasr, MD

Advanced Heart Failure Cardiology Fellow
Henry Ford Health System

Youssef NasrYoussef is originally from Lebanon where he attended medical school and Internal Medicine residency. He moved to Detroit in 2012, repeated his residency and then completed his cardiovascular training. He is currently subspecializing in Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant Cardiology. Throughout these years he noticed the importance of innovation in the healthcare system and how it can save lives by solving some of the most challenging medical and surgical problems. He finds it very exciting how much technology is contributing to medicine and he is trying to be involved in digital health, so he can help my patients as much as possible. He is thrilled for this opportunity provided by the Davidson Fellowship and hopes that it will provide him the basics and resources to be more involved and innovative in healthcare. Outside his clinical duties, he enjoys basketball and outdoor activities like mountain biking and kayaking. 

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