Visitor Expectations

  • Visitors will not appear impaired or intoxicated.
  • Visitors will not consume alcohol, drugs or tobacco on the Henry Ford Hospital (HFH) campus.
  • Visitors will keep noise levels low to provide a quiet environment for our patients to rest.
  • Weapons are not permitted.
  • Visitors will not physically or verbally threaten any person.
  • Visitors are not to use the patient’s bathroom, shower nor lie down in the patient’s bed due to infection control risks.
  • Education on posted isolation precautions will be completed with visitors and must be followed.
  • Visitors should wash or sanitize their hands when entering and exiting a patient’s room.

Violation of Visitation Expectations

  • Failure to follow visitor expectations can result in visitation limitations or restrictions up to and including possible termination of visitation rights as per the Public Health Statute Act 368 of 1978 (Health Code Policy 333.20201).
  • A visitor may be restricted from HFH’s campus for threats or acts of violence towards a patient, another visitor or HFH employees, disruptive behavior, carrying any type of weapon, use of or transporting illegal substances to the patient, or presenting to HFH impaired.