Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital Visiting Hours and Policy

Support from loved ones is critical for treatment and healing. At Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital, we encourage family, friends and loved ones to visit or call patients staying at our facility.

In order to ensure a successful visit, please observe our visitor guidelines. We designed these guidelines with our patients’ safety and health in mind.

Learn more about visitor information and patient privacy at Kingswood Hospital:

Visiting hours for adult and pediatric patients

Visitors are welcome at Kingswood Hospital. We understand that family and friends are an important part of our patient’s support network while they are receiving care. Our goal is to create a care environment that’s rooted in health and safety. That’s why video surveillance is in use inside and outside the facility.

Visitation Schedule

MOD D/W Tuesday& Thursday: 7:30pm-8:30pm
MOD A/C Wednesday & Friday: 7:30 pm-8:30pm
MOD D/W Saturday: 2-4pm
MOD A/C Sunday: 2-4pm
MOD B Arrangements required with treatment team

Visitation is limited to 1 visitor per patient per visitation session. 

Important visitor guidelines

Please adhere carefully to our visitor guidelines. These guidelines are in place for the safety and health of our patients:

  • Visitors experiencing symptoms of illness are asked to refrain from visiting until symptoms resolve.
  • All visitors must be age 16 or older.
  • Children under age 16 years of age must not be left unattended in the lobby of Kingswood Hospital.
  • Photo identification required for all visitors over age 18 years (driver’s license, state ID, passport or school ID)
  • Security check required for all visitors.
  • Our staff must pre-authorize any visits outside of the regular visiting hours.
  • We do not allow jackets, coats, purses, hats, or keys on the units.
  • No outside food or beverage is allowed during visitation.
  • Do not bring any glass items or mirrors, razors, alcohol, medications, matches or lighters, weapons, videos/music tapes/CDs or valuable items, including jewelry and expensive clothing items.
  • Gift items for the patient may include: books, magazines, writing materials and postage stamps, flowers in non-breakable containers, personal toiletries in non-breakable containers.
  • Leave any packages for the patient at the Front Desk. Our staff will pick up the package for the patient.

Telephoning a patient

We understand that it’s important for patients and parents or family members to stay connected during a hospital stay. That’s why patients can make and receive telephone calls throughout their stay during approved hours.

Telephone guidelines:

  • Patients may use the phone anytime between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. except during treatment activities or mealtimes. These times may vary depending on the daily schedule.
  • Patients must approve who can receive information about them. According to patient privacy laws, we cannot provide information about a patient, or allow you to speak to a patient, unless they have authorized us to do so.
  • To reach a patient, call the front desk at (248) 398-3200 and provide the patient’s full name and unit or “MOD” number. If you are on the patient’s approved caller’s list, you will be transferred to the unit phone. A staff member will let you know if the patient is available to talk.
  • Patients may give the unit phone number to family members so they can call the unit directly. For privacy reasons, the front desk is not allowed to share this number with visitors.
  • If there’s a family emergency outside of designated phone hours, we will do our best to accommodate the call.
  • There is no limitation on a patient's right to contact clergy or an attorney.
  • There is no charge for calling the patient.

Patient privacy and release of patient information

Henry Ford Kingswood Hospital abides by the Michigan Mental Health Code and the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and patient privacy rules.

  • We will not release information about a patient at Kingswood Hospital without prior authorization by the patient.
  • The patient or patient’s guardian must complete our Release of Information form.
  • The patient’s guardian(s) must provide a copy of guardianship papers to Kingswood Hospital.

Learn more about visitor restrictions at Henry Ford facilities.

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