Alcohol Addiction

Understanding and treating alcohol-use disorder

You are not alone. Alcohol is the most widely abused drug throughout southeast Michigan, affecting millions of people from all walks of life every day. It can impact your family, your relationships, and your job. When your alcohol use becomes out of control or causes harm to yourself or others, it’s time to get some help.

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Alcohol addiction, also known as alcohol-use disorder, isn’t a lack of self-control or just not wanting to quit. It’s an illness that requires expert care to treat. We have a range of customizable treatment options available to meet your unique needs. Whether you’ve never tried treatment or you’ve gone through treatment before, we are here to help.

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Who is at risk for alcohol addiction?

Alcohol addiction is one of the two types of addiction we treat most often (along with opioid addiction). Several factors can increase your risk for alcohol addiction, including:

  • Drinking heavily or binge drinking on a regular basis
  • Having a parent or other close family member with alcohol addiction
  • Having depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition
  • Starting to drink, especially binge drinking, at an early age

Alcohol-use disorder can affect anyone. Patients with alcohol addiction may use more than one type of drug, a condition known as polysubstance-use disorder, but use alcohol as their preferred substance.

Alcohol addiction treatment options

Our addiction team uses techniques that are backed by the latest science and research. We’ll work with you and your loved ones to create a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan to address your specific concerns and needs.

Your treatment plan may include detoxification (also known as detox) and medication-assisted treatment. Your treatment plan will depend on your particular medical needs and level of support from loved ones.

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