Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is one of the many addiction treatment programs we offer at Henry Ford Maplegrove Center, the premier facility in the region for addiction therapy.

Our experienced team works with individual patients and their loved ones to create a personalized, effective treatment plan.

Addiction treatment: intensive outpatient treatment in Michigan

At Maplegrove, we have the necessary resources, expertise and experience to provide patients suffering from addiction with the care they need. We believe that addiction is an illness, not a moral issue or a matter of self-control. We use the latest research-based techniques, combined with a compassionate touch, to find the right treatment options that will offer our patients optimal results. Meet the Maplegrove team.

Intensive outpatient treatment: who is a candidate?

Participants in our Intensive Outpatient Treatment program meet three times a week.

The program is part of our three phases of treatment:

  1. Interruption. Stopping the cycle of addiction and establishing abstinence
  2. Rehabilitation. Facilitating education and therapy so the patient recognizes and accepts the addiction, as well as beginning daily routines of recovery.
  3. Recovery. Implementing ongoing support, including counseling and 12-step meetings, to promote stability and long-term wellbeing.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment is appropriate for individuals who are medically stable, who are able to interrupt their substance abuse and attend treatment sessions in the evening or afternoon. We have separate programs tailored for adults and adolescents.

Intensive outpatient treatment: what to expect

We create individualized treatment programs for each patient. The exact outpatient treatment plan differs from patient to patient. Our team of addiction treatment specialists, including physicians, psychologists and social workers, works with each patient during the treatment sessions. Here is a general idea of what you can expect:

  • Length. Treatment lasts between three to six weeks.
  • Adult treatment. Sessions meet three evenings per week, from 6-9 p.m. We schedule individual and family sessions separately.
  • Adolescent treatment. Sessions meet three afternoons per week. Start times vary. We schedule individual and family sessions separately.
  • Group, individual and family counseling. We schedule these sessions as necessary.
  • Family education. We educate patients and families on treatment progression.
  • Support and resources. We offer many resources to help patients and their loved ones learn to accept addiction, manage cravings and establish sobriety.
  • 12-step meetings. Regular attendance is often a critical part of a patient’s rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Family support. Our family program involves spouses, parents and loved ones in treatment. For adolescents, we require family participation.

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