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The Study

Henry Ford Health is the only hospital system in Michigan – and one of about 90 health systems in the US – that has been chosen to be part of the Moderna Phase 3 vaccine trial: The Moderna COVE vaccine study.

We are fortunate to now have more volunteers than can be enrolled in the trial, so we are no longer accepting volunteers for this study.

For those who have already submitted their information, you will be contacted should you be selected to participate in the study. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to participate and for providing the requested information. You all are true heroes!

This study was open to all Henry Ford employees – clinical and nonclinical – as well as others who live or work in southeast Michigan facing real-world exposure to the COVID-19 virus.

This randomized, double-blind study will measure the effectiveness of this vaccine in a total of 30,000 people across the country. 

Typical vaccines for viruses are made from a weakened or inactive virus, but the mRNA-1273 study vaccine is not made from the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It is made from messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA), a genetic code that tells cells how to make protein. In this case, the protein is a small part of the virus that is thought to help the body’s immune system make antibodies to fight the virus. In tests involving more than 600 participants, the vaccine has been shown to be safe. Phase 2 showed the vaccine helped produce antibodies; Phase 3 is designed to determine whether those antibodies will be able to neutralize the virus. 

The study vaccine is being compared to a placebo, which is a sterile saline solution that does not contain any active vaccine. This means participants will have a 50% chance of receiving the study vaccine or the placebo. The study vaccine cannot cause infection or disease, and it does not contain any live or killed virus. However, people may still become infected with SARS-CoV-2 in their everyday activities, despite receiving the study’s two shots.

Volunteers who filled out the enrollment form on the website and who qualify may be contacted by members of the Cove study team. Participants will be scheduled for two initial enrollment site visits to receive two injections spaced about a month apart. After the two initial visits, volunteers will visit their enrollment site five additional times and talk to study coordinators about 24 times over two years. During that time, participants will be closely monitored by the study team for symptoms of COVID-19 and will be tested to see if they have produced the antibodies to protect them from the coronavirus. If a participant is diagnosed with COVID-19 during their time in the study, the study team will provide the highest level of care because each participant’s health and safety are our top priorities.

This trial could help determine whether the vaccine can save lives. Let us all hope that we are gaining on a solution to this pandemic for the health and safety of our world. 



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