Neuropsychology for Adults

An important part of medical and psychiatric care.

If your doctor suspects that you have a neurological or neurocognitive (involving attention, memory, and other thought processes) condition, you may be referred to Henry Ford for a neuropsychological evaluation.

A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation gives us insights into your specific condition that your doctor will use to make an accurate diagnosis. You and your loved ones will discuss the results with your doctor and make arrangements for additional services and treatment as needed.

We see adult patients at locations throughout the Detroit metro area, including:

How neuropsychology can help

Our neuropsychologists work closely with many different specialties as part of each patient’s care team to confirm or rule out neuropsychological conditions, as well as evaluate patients to determine whether they’re good candidates for surgical treatments.

We evaluate patients for a number of conditions, including:

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One possible treatment for patients with movement disorders is deep-brain stimulation. This surgical procedure involves implanting an electrical stimulator, similar to a heart pacemaker, in the brain. If your doctor thinks deep-brain stimulation can help you, we’ll evaluate you before the surgery to make sure you’re a good candidate, as well as afterward to determine how well the stimulator is helping you.

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