Patient-centered Care Is Our Specialty

December 08, 2011

Patients may not be able to evaluate the quality of the care they receive, because they don't have the proper comparison or benchmark. What a patient does know is how to evaluate the level of service they received. Below are just a few examples of service excellence:

Patients are a first consideration

Meet Jennifer Ilijevski (at right) and Pam Craycraft (at left) of our MRI Dept. Recently, a patient and his friend walked approximately nine miles to get to the Hospital. Ilijevski overheard the patient and his friend discussing their inability to pay for cab fare, in addition to being late on their rent and having little food in their apartment. Ilijevski and Craycraft teamed up to pay for lunch and a cab ride home for them. At HFWH, it's patients first!


Home-call health care

Occupational therapist Cathy Gaty, who is pictured working with a patient, recently placed a splint on an older adult male patient during a hospital stay. After discharge, the patient called Gaty stating he could not get the splint on, and his wife, who is suffering from dementia, did not recall how to assist him. Gaty, who was dropped off by her husband for work that day, phoned him to take her to the patient's home to assist him.

A WOW service moment

Pictured is patient Dorval McLaughlin, who helped Dr. Ashish Gupta, a HFWH cardiovascular surgeon, overcome a barrier he had of openly communicating with patients. Gupta said in today’s health care environment, caregivers are forced to deal with patients as if they are a number due to “excessive, repetitive documentation” and “interaction with computers” that often leaves little time for real communication with colleagues – let alone patients.


A 'stitch' for the soul

HFWH volunteer Jan Strickland makes detailed baby quilts, which are distributed free-of-charge to OB patients. “I have several of them in my office – The quilts are AMAZING. This is a totally selfless act by Jan, who never gets to see who receives the blankets,” said Carol Bridges, director, Service Excellence and Volunteer Services.