The Doctor Will Tweet You Now (Everyday Health)

May 16, 2012
When Houston's Memorial Hermann hospital live-tweeted a brain surgery last week, the audience ranged from premed students eager to ask questions about the procedure to patients who were about to undergo the same surgery and wanted to know what to mentally prepare for. Hospitals around the country have live-tweeted surgeries since Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital posted updates of a robot-assisted surgery on a cancerous bladder in January 2009. "I'm in a position where I'm really trying to raise awareness of robotic surgery that I think really has the potential to benefit patients," says Craig Rogers, M.D. the director of Robotic Renal Surgery at Henry Ford, who performed the first live-tweeted surgery. While he controlled the movements of the surgical robot, a chief resident blasted off tweets about his progress. "It really hit me that when I did that Twitter, I was reaching audiences that we never would have hit." Full Story