We’re Listening

September 01, 2012

Have you ever filled out a comment card and wondered if anyone actually read it? At Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, we don’t just read what you have to say. We take action. Our Service Excellence Department is dedicated to collecting — and responding to — your feedback. It’s part of our commitment to creating a culture of service in every interaction with the hospital staff.

“We give patients and family members a way to ask for help and provide feedback about their experience,” says Julie Johns, manager of Service Excellence. “We listen to those responses so we can adjust hospital processes, often in real time.”

Hearing you loud and clear

What kind of feedback does the department collect? It could be anything — praise for staff and caregivers, comments about food or questions about our website. The department covers all areas of the patient experience, including:

Concierge support. These staff members work to help patients and families communicate with doctors. They provide anything the patients or family members need, such as water, blankets or updates on a loved one’s surgery.

Surveys. Patients are surveyed during their hospital stay. If they raise a concern, a staff member arrives to help address it — usually within 20 minutes.

Providing the best possible care

“Our purpose is to embrace the patient’s voice,” says Johns. “We want to know what the hospital experience looks like for our patients, so we can make sure we’re taking care of them the best we can.”