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To the Point: Acupuncture Helps Heal

July 27, 2016

Less pain. Faster healing. Reduced symptoms. Few side effects. If a treatment provided these benefits and more, would you try it?

Acupuncture, a therapy that uses fine needles to access energy points in the body, is a real option for many of today’s health issues. Just ask Jill Storch-Tolentino, who made acupuncture her career after discovering its benefits firsthand. She joined Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital’s Vita wellness center in April 2015.

“A car accident left me with debilitating back pain,” says Storch-Tolentino. “Searching for relief, I tried acupuncture. The results were amazing, and I decided then to become an acupuncturist.”

Benefits abound

Storch-Tolentino provides acupuncture at Vita to patients with a wide range of health issues — headaches, back pain, gastrointestinal problems, cancer treatment side effects, insomnia and more.

“We know that energy travels through the body in pathways,” explains Storch-Tolentino. “However, stress, injuries and repetitive movements can create blockages in energy flow, which leads to imbalances. By accessing points of stagnation, we open up the flow of energy, reducing pain and other symptoms.”

Life-changing therapy

Storch-Tolentino is not the only one whose life has been changed by acupuncture. Years ago, Sandra Collins — a former art curator at the Detroit Institute of Arts and then gallery owner — hurt her bicep while boxing. To aid in her recovery, a family friend, who is also a Henry Ford doctor, recommended acupuncture at Vita before and after surgery. The results spoke for themselves: Collins healed in half the expected time. Since then, the active 67-year-old undergoes acupuncture at Vita to ease stress, postmenopausal symptoms and more.

“Acupuncture has benefitted my health and helped me feel more balanced,” says Collins.

“By collaborating with Henry Ford West Bloomfield physicians, we bring the benefits of traditional and integrative medicine together,” says Storch-Tolentino. “Acupuncture serves as a tremendous complementary therapy for many patients.”