Specialized Services Cater to Girls’ Health

June 01, 2014

When we think about gynecology or the health of female reproductive organs, we usually think of adult women. But both young and adolescent girls need care, too — and they have different needs than adults. That’s where the pediatric and adolescent gynecology care provided through Women’s Health Services at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital comes in.

“While some gynecologists may feel uncomfortable treating children, our staff is at ease with providing specialized care for the still-developing bodies of girls and young women,” says Melina Dendrinos, M.D., pediatric and adolescent gynecologist.

Treating a variety of conditions

Staff treat a broad range of problems in females from birth through age 21. Issues can include:

  • Birth defects or problems with reproductive organs
  • Painful or irregular periods
  • Rashes and skin conditions in genital areas
  • Prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases

Leading the way

Young women and girls have always needed gynecological care, but it’s only within the last decade that pediatric gynecology has become a dedicated specialty. Dr. Dendrinos is among the first wave of physicians who have received fellowship training in this area.

“There are only a handful of fellowship programs for pediatric and adolescent gynecology, and for the most part, these services are still only found on large academic campuses,” she says. For girls and their parents, having this specialty care available means having a place in the community where they can feel at ease asking questions about sensitive topics.

“Many parents and kids are very anxious discussing these kinds of problems,” says Dr. Dendrinos. “It’s important for them to have a provider with dedicated training who is very comfortable addressing these issues.”

Concerned about your daughter's health?

Call for pediatric and adolescent gynecology services at (248) 661-6425.