Joint Replacement

August 01, 2017

We all rely on our joints to help us move, and hurdles like knee and hip pain can get in the way of daily activities. Even simple tasks that you used to do with ease, like taking a walk or home repairs, may cause pain, which is why it’s important to have access to the most advanced procedures and top specialists to help you improve your quality of life.

At Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital’s Center for Joint Replacement, we offer innovative techniques performed by fellowship-trained surgeons in a facility that is designed around the patient. Our program offers high quality outcomes, rapid recovery, and exceptional patient satisfaction.

“Joint replacement surgery is a highly effective way of eliminating pain caused by arthritis or worn out joints,” says Robb Weir, M.D., chief of orthopaedic surgery at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. “It can help improve mobility and get you back to enjoying an active lifestyle.”

Getting Started

Prior to surgery, most patients have been on anti-inflammatory medication and have exhausted injections to the point that a more permanent solution is needed. An initial visit with a Henry Ford orthopaedic surgeon starts the educational process and discussion of options, which is then followed by a preoperative joint class with our nursing and therapist team.

“The more a patient knows going into surgery, the better,” says Jason Davis, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. “It also allows them to hit the ground running after surgery.”

The Henry Ford team has made a series of improvements over recent years with continued research into a quicker, more pleasant recovery. Patients typically go home the day after surgery, and some even leave the same day.

Within 24 hours, they have walked the halls, completed stairs and can take care of themselves with minimal help. Physical therapy continues at home for a few weeks, and you are feeling back to normal in about three months.

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