Center for Reproductive Medicine Named Cigna Center of Excellence

August 03, 2018

TROY, MI – Henry Ford Center for Reproductive Medicine is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a Cigna Infertility Center of Excellence. The designation recognizes top performing infertility programs that provide patients with quality care, an exceptional experience and cost-efficiency.

The Center of Excellence status is achieved by meeting specific standards that certify patients are receiving the best possible clinical conditions for starting a family.

These criteria include:

  • A success rate that ranks above the national average
  • A board-certified endocrinologist on staff
  • An embryology lab that is accredited by the College of American Pathologists

 “It’s an honor to be recognized as a Cigna Infertility Center of Excellence, “ said Nicole Budrys, M.D., a board-certified endocrinologist at the Center for Reproductive Medicine. “This designation affirms our commitment to providing our patients with the highest levels of care, affordable treatment options, and high success rates.”

For patients who have Cigna coverage and use a Cigna Infertility Center of Excellence like Henry Ford Center for Reproductive Medicine, the increased level of benefits could mean a cost savings of thousands of dollars.

We are proud to have helped numerous patients achieve parenthood through our long-running IVF program.

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