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Structural Heart patient julie oldani sitting in her living room thumbnailOscoda’s Lillian Keavey has walked with her daughter and her daughter’s 9-year-old dog, Jojo, nearly every morning since Jojo was a puppy. The only thing that stopped them was temperatures of -10 degrees or lower.

“We dress for it, so we’d be fine,” explains Lillian, a sprightly 82-year-old with a lilting British accent. “But we worry that Jojo’s paws will freeze.”

The only other thing to hold them up: Lillian’s mitral valve. After a bout of pneumonia landed Lillian in the hospital just before the 2018 holidays, her cardiologist told her that her malfunctioning mitral valve was partially to blame for her shortness of breath and not feeling well.

The only other thing to hold them up: Lillian’s mitral valve. After a bout of pneumonia landed Lillian in the hospital just before the 2018 holidays, her cardiologist told her that her malfunctioning mitral valve was partially to blame for her shortness of breath and not feeling well.


For Google analytics, in order to determine which specific hero items are being clicked on, alternative text needs to be added to the button link. Otherwise, all items will only show the generic “Learn More” text when viewing the data reports.

When adding alt text, try to incorporate the service line, patient name, or any other indicators to help recognize which particular hero item is receiving clicks. This will also help with screen readers and visually impaired users to understand where the button link is taking them. See the following examples of good alt text descriptions, the text must be prefaced with “(Service Line or Hospital”____ Feature:” in order to easily view traffic data. For homepage, the hero will be labeled using only “Feature:”

Examples of hero button labels on service line and hospital pages:

  1. Transplant Feature: John Payne's heart transplant
  2. Cancer Feature: Colon cancer patient Donald Robinson
  3. Same Day Care Feature: Afterhours care services
  4. Henry Ford West Bloomfield Feature: Breast cancer patient Erika Lojko
  5. Adding Alt Text to Hero Buttons

In Sitecore, add alt text to the link details within each hero record. Navigate to Global > Hero Banner > Henry Ford > (select a hero record) > Content Panel > Link > Insert Link (or External Link) > (enter URL details) > Alternate Text field.

Note: The Alternate Text field is different than the Link Description field, which is the short text that should be actually be displayed on the button, in most cases something actionable like, “Learn More”, “View His Story”, “Watch Our Video”, etc.

  • List Item 1
  • List Item 2
  • List Item 3
  • List Item 4
  • List Item 5
  • List Item 6

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