Re-operative Parathyroidectomy

Treatment for recurring parathyroid disorders.

Though most parathyroidectomies are successful in treating parathyroid disorders, these conditions sometimes can return after surgery.

Re-operative parathyroidectomy is a surgical treatment for patients with parathyroid disease that returns after being treated, also known as recurrent parathyroid disease. The surgery involves removing the diseased parathyroid gland.

Challenges of re-operative parathyroidectomy

Re-operative parathyroid removal surgery is a complex procedure. Previous parathyroid surgery can make the process more challenging. In addition, the risk of complications is higher than other parathyroid surgeries.

Fortunately, our doctors are specially trained to perform this procedure. We use detailed parathyroid scans and precise surgical techniques to reduce risks and successfully treat parathyroid disease.

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