Contracted Facilities

Henry Ford Hospice is contracted to provide hospice services to patients in nursing homes throughout the region.

Placement on this list is based on Henry Ford Hospice having a contractual agreement to provide hospice services in the listed facility. Just as you choose your hospice you will also choose your nursing facility. Hospice manages the patient's symptoms and coordinates patient care. We work collaboratively with the nursing facility. Hospice and the nursing facility are each responsible for the care provided by their staff. The hospice staff provides additional care above and beyond the care provided by the nursing home staff.

Henry Ford Hospice urges you to visit a number of nursing homes in order to decide where you will place your loved one. Each facility has its own character and strengths. You need to pick the best match for your family member or friend. The State of Michigan (517) 373-3740 provides a list of all licensed nursing facilities in the state of Michigan. Medicare 1-800-663-2273 has a handy checklist to use when evaluating a nursing facility.

If you would like us to provide care for your loved one in a facility not listed on this site, Henry Ford Hospice can contract with that facility to deliver the quality hospice care you expect.

Hospice Care
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