Phases of Crisis Management Training

Caregivers attend all five phases of training to complete the program

The Henry Ford Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities offers a 13-week Crisis Management Training program for parents or caregivers of children with severe challenging behaviors. Parents or caregivers attend all five phases of training to complete the program. Most training is done virtually.

Five training phases

  1. Assessment (done virtually). A Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) asks caregivers to describe their child’s challenging behaviors and what might trigger them. The BCBA drafts a family plan outlining training goals for caregivers.
  2. Quality Behavioral Solutions (QBS) Safety Care® for Families certification (sessions 1 & 2 done in person). QBS Safety Care® for Families is a program that teaches families how to prevent, decrease or physically manage behavioral crises.
  • Session 1 – Essential Skills teaches
    • Possible causes of challenging behaviors
    • How to prevent behavioral incidents
    • Skills to decrease the likelihood challenging behaviors
    • Ways to reward desired behaviors
    • Strategies to decrease challenging behavior
  • Session 2 – Advanced Skills teaches
    • How to use skills your child knows to help decrease challenging behavior
    • How to manage dangerous objects
    • How to keep yourself physically safe
    • How and when to use physical holds or restraints
  1. Parent Training using RUBI Autism Network manual (done virtually). Families meet with a BCBA to learn how to use strategies or techniques to decrease challenging behaviors at home or in the community. The RUBI training manual is based on principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and is designed for therapists to use with parents of children with autism spectrum disorder and other challenging behaviors.
  2. Ongoing check-ins* (done virtually). After training is complete, caregivers attend virtual training with their child’s BCBA every two months. Check-ins help caregivers maintain their skills and QBS certification.
  3. Yearly recertification* (done virtually). QBS Safety Care® certification is good for one year following completion of training. After one year, caregivers attend a recertification class to brush up on the skills they’ve learned.

*It is essential that caregivers complete ongoing check-ins and yearly recertification appointments. If these are missed, caregivers are no longer allowed to use any advanced skills such as releases, holds or restraints.

Crisis Management Training

For more information or to register for Crisis Management Training, call (313) 972-3050 Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4 p.m., or email

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