Adolescent Services

At Henry Ford Maplegrove Center, the home for addiction treatment at Henry Ford Behavioral Health Services, we understand that caring for teens requires a delicate balance of listening, accepting and setting limits.

Our experienced, sensitive team works with families to help adolescents interrupt the cycle of addiction and successfully reintegrate into family and social life. Meet the Maplegrove team.


Addiction treatment for adolescents in Michigan

Many teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol. However, teenagers often do not recognize the consequences of their actions. They also tend to feel invincible to the problems that others experience, thinking, “It could never happen to me.”

Our team includes addiction specialists who understand the unique needs of adolescents. We focus on adolescent services and family system care. We treat teenagers for all types of chemical dependency, including alcohol. Services include:

  • Assessment
  • Education
  • Intensive counseling

Adolescents and addiction: Warning signs

Addiction, like many diseases, is easiest to treat when caught early. Pay attention to these warning signs your teen may be exhibiting. They could be signs of drug or alcohol abuse. At our center, we use evidence-based techniques to evaluate your child and create a personalized treatment plan. Factors or warning signs of an addiction include:

  • Physical changes, such as fatigue, repeated health complaints, or red/glazed eyes
  • Emotional changes, such as sudden mood changes, irritability, depression or lack of interest
  • Family changes, such as starting arguments or withdrawing from the family
  • School and social problems, such as declining grades and discipline problems

Adolescent addiction treatment: Evaluation

Many times, teens and families schedule an evaluation due to academic, legal, psychiatric or family crises. Teens often are reluctant to get help or talk about their lives, and families may turn to us, seeking guidance and insight.

A comprehensive assessment includes:

  • Diagnostic interviews with the teen, parents and sometimes extended family
  • Assessing patterns of substance use and mental health conditions that indicate when treatment is necessary
  • Sharing recommendations for care with the adolescent and family

Adolescent addiction treatment: Programs at Maplegrove

Addiction treatment for adolescents differs from patient to patient. We work closely with teens and their families to tailor a personalized treatment plan that will offer the best result. Our specialists have in-depth understanding of adolescent addiction and treatment techniques. We can confidently recommend an effective, appropriate plan.

Our programs include:

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

This service is appropriate for teens who exhibit:

  • Compulsive substance use
  • An increasing inability to meet the expectations associated with being a student, family member and member of society

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Interruption. This intensive intervention focuses on interruption—stopping the pattern of substance use and establishing a healthy routine for recovery.
  • Treatment. Teens and their families attend treatment three times a week. Parents attend a separate program at the same time their child is in counseling. Then, teens and families come together for group and family counseling.
  • Parental participation. Parental participation is vital to a successful recovery for adolescents. We work with teens and families together to guide them in establishing a mutually supportive system for recovery.
  • Program length. The length of program is flexible but generally last six weeks.

Early Recovery Group (ERG)

After completing the Intensive Outpatient Program, most of our teens and families attend weekly group counseling. Most teens stay in a therapeutic recovery group for a minimum of six months.

During these sessions, teens and families:

  • Continue the healthy communication, problem solving and decision making that began during the intensive phase of care
  • Establish a long-term, stable and healthy recovery plan
  • Continue recovery by attending 12-step support meetings. Families can attend these meetings at Maplegrove or at other locations.

12-Step programs for adolescents

A vital component of our programs is regular attendance in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA). For many teens and families, exposure to and involvement in 12-step programs provides the support, friendships and guidance necessary for recovery.

In addition, we encourage parents to participate in Al-Anon or Families Anonymous, geared toward the families, friends and loved ones of patients with an addiction disorder.

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