Addiction Care for Teens

Treating substance use disorder in Michigan teens

We understand that treating teens for substance use disorder, also known as addiction, isn’t the same as treating adults. Adolescents who experiment with addictive substances, such as opioids or alcohol, often don’t consider the possible consequences of their actions, or they may feel like nothing bad is going to happen. 

The addiction experts at Henry Ford Health have been providing comprehensive addiction treatment designed to meet the unique needs of adolescents and young adults for decades. We work with your entire family to create a personalized plan for your child’s treatment and recovery.

Teen addiction treatment at Henry Ford

The first step to recovery starts with a comprehensive assessment by an addiction specialist. Your child may also receive a physical exam by a doctor. We’ll work together to identify any possible underlying issues your child is facing and design a customized treatment plan.

Your child’s recovery plan will include individual outpatient treatment with a therapist who specializes in teen addiction. Sessions will occur in an office or virtually through scheduled video visits, depending on your location. During treatment, your child may also see one of our board-certified addiction medicine doctors for issues relating to their recovery.

Family members must be actively engaged in every aspect of their teen’s addiction treatment. We require a parent or guardian to participate, and we’ll work with your family to help establish a mutually supportive system for recovery.

Addiction treatment for teens is offered at:

Maplegrove offers scheduled video visits through Henry Ford MyChart, which means your child will be able to see their therapist or doctor using their smartphone or computer without leaving home.

For an addiction assessment appointment, contact us:

Understanding addiction in teens

Teens with addiction issues come from all backgrounds and geographic areas. While there’s no formula that leads a child to substance use, some teens with addiction issues may experience:

  • Home environments where parents or family members struggle with addiction or substance abuse
  • Underlying mental health conditions like depression or anxiety
  • A traumatic childhood event, such as divorce, neglect, bullying, violence, or physical, emotional or sexual abuse

Warning signs of addiction in teens

Watch for these potential warning signs of substance-use disorder in your teen:

  • Emotional changes: Sudden changes in mood, irritability, depression, or lack of interest
  • Family changes: Starting arguments or withdrawing from family members
  • Physical changes: Fatigue, red or glazed eyes, sudden weight loss or frequent health issues
  • School changes: Drop in grades or skipping school
  • Behavioral or social changes: Change in friendships, acting out, or trouble with the law 

Family support for addiction

We know that addiction affects the entire family. That’s why we offer free education and support programs for parents, guardians and family members 18 and over. 

Patients and loved ones also may benefit from taking part in 12-step programs for continued support. Learn about our education and support resources, and 12-step community programs.

We’re Here to Help
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