Frankie’s Story: Walking the Talk

National radio personality shares video diary of her breast cancer treatment

Radio and television personality Frankie Darcell walks the talk.

An outspoken advocate for breast cancer screening and spokesperson for the annual Sista Strut Breast Cancer Walk, she’s worked for more than a decade to bring awareness to the importance of regular mammograms and self-breast examination.

She credits following her own advice with saving her life.

In August 2017, a routine mammogram revealed Frankie had breast cancer.

Frankie immediately made an appointment to see Lisa Newman, M.D., director of the Breast Cancer Program at the Henry Ford Cancer Institute.

Eighteen years prior, Dr. Newman successfully treated Frankie’s mother for breast cancer.

“I would not have my life in anyone’s hands other than Dr. Lisa Newman,” Frankie shares.

Led by Dr. Newman, the breast cancer team – which includes breast cancer surgeons, reconstructive surgeons, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists – recommended Frankie’s treatment include surgery followed by radiation therapy.

At first, Frankie debated whether to share her diagnosis with her radio community.

She ultimately decided the best way to encourage others to get their mammograms and educate women about breast health and breast cancer treatment was to tell her story.

“I’ve been nervous, I’ve been afraid, I’ve been scared, but I wanted to share this experience so you know yes, if it could happen to me, it could happen to you,” says Frankie.

In a three-part video series, Frankie details her breast cancer radiation therapy experience, and shares her renewed perspective on life after breast cancer surgery and 19 radiation treatments.

Part 1: Frankie’s Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Part 2: Frankie’s Q&A with Breast Radiation Oncologist Dr. Eleanor Walker

Part 3: Frankie’s Final Radiation Treatment

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