Patient Stories

Breast cancer affects thousands of people across the globe, and at Henry Ford, it is our mission to provide our patients what they need -- from the most advanced treatment options to a warm, reassuring hug when needed most. Each patient’s journey is unique, and we are grateful for those who allow us to share their stories here:

Our heroes

Ami’s story


As a physician-in-training at Henry Ford, Ami was familiar with the system. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 33, she knew Henry Ford was the place she wanted to go for all her cancer care.

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Tracy’s story

Breast Cancer patient story, Tracy

After beating breast cancer, Tracey’s life-changing medical experience – and love of Lion’s football – inspired her to join Game On Cancer, an initiative with the Henry Ford Cancer Institute and the Detroit Lions to raise funds for research and patient needs.

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Darlene’s story

breast cancer patient darlene

Darlene never expected she’d get breast cancer, especially after genetic testing was negative following her mother’s death from breast cancer 14 years earlier. Yet, she found two lumps while performing a self-breast exam.

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Chantelle’s story


Chantelle says she couldn’t have made it through her battle with breast cancer without the support of her family and care from the Henry Ford staff, who, as Chantelle says, “had her back” every step of the way.

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Doreen’s story

breast cancer patient doreen

More than 10 years after her diagnosis, Doreen still feels comfortable calling her oncologist if she feels something is off. Throughout the course of her care, Doreen was impressed with the bedside manner and empathy of her entire care team.

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Linda’s story

breast cancer patient linda

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Linda was healthy and busy raising her four children. She ate healthy, didn’t smoke or drink, and went in for routine medical checkups. That’s when she got the life-changing news.

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Leah’s story

breast cancer patient leah

At just 37 years old, Leah found out she would have to battle cancer – again. Eight years after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer, a lump on her breast came back positive for breast cancer.

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Janet’s story

breast cancer patient janet

During a routine mammogram, Janet discovered she had breast cancer – and it changed her life forever. After undergoing treatment and a mastectomy, Janet has a new “normal” – and she’s better because of it.

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Beverly’s story


Thanks to the support she received, Beverly was inspired to help other cancer patients. Now a breast cancer spokesperson, she first started during her own treatment, arming herself with funny stories which she shared in the chemotherapy room.

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Sara’s story


At 35, Sara was pregnant when she was diagnosed. Having no family history of breast cancer, she was shocked – but thanks to the care she received during her pregnancy, Sara delivered a healthy baby girl, Adeline Faith, at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

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Elizabeth’s story

breast cancer lizzie Trauth

Elizabeth’s (Lizzie’s) family has a history of breast cancer, so during a routine OB/GYN appointment, the 28-year-old was alarmed when a lump was found. Thanks to Henry Ford’s quick work, Lizzie learned she was cancer-free shortly after the initial discovery.

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Freida’s story

Freida Green

During a routine mammogram, Freida discovered she had breast cancer. But not even surgery and treatment could keep the 40-year volunteer away from the patients and staff at Henry Ford hospital for very long.

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Mary’s story

breast cancer patient mary nameth thumbnail

To help her visualize defeating her tumor Mary decided to name it Squidward, after the “pessimistic and irritating” character from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants. Although she had battled breast cancer in 2005, this diagnosis was much different.

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Erika’s story

breast cancer patient erika lojko posed on wood pile with her son

Erika Lojko was just 35 years old when her world was turned upside down. After the unexpected passing of her husband, she was left wondering how she would raise her young son alone. Little did she know, just one week later she would be faced with another battle: beating breast cancer.

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