Patient Testimonials

Elizabeth Trauth


Elizabeth (Lizzie) Trauth was 28 when she went in for her routine OB/GYN appointment, which included her yearly breast exam. At the exam, Lizzie's OB/GYN found a lump. Lizzie has a family history of breast cancer. Her grandmother died from breast cancer at the age of 40.

Lizzie's doctor sent her to the Francee & Benson Ford Jr. Breast Care and Wellness Center to get an ultrasound. During the ultrasound, the breast team thought the lump looked questionable. Instead of making an additional appointment, the breast team was able to do a biopsy of the lump right there.

"I was kind of shocked at how fast they moved on it. To have a surgeon right on site to perform the procedure is not only convenient, but amazing!"

Within 48 hours of the procedure, the results were in. Everything came up normal, and Lizzie was able to go out of town for the weekend with complete peace of mind.

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