Linda's Story

You are not a cancer patient. You are not a candidate for a heart procedure. You are not patient #23T987. You are so much more than that. You are a person. You are Ela Bullock. Pat Baker. Linda D'Antonio. And you have a family. Pets. Concerns and a job to get back to. At Henry Ford Health System we know this. We know that we can’t effectively treat the patient without getting to know the person first. That’s why all that we do is all for you.

Bringing the best cancer team to each patient

Breast cancer survivor Linda D'Antonio is an advocate for patients and Henry Ford. "To me, the Henry Ford Cancer Institute is more than a recognized pioneer and global leader in the fight against cancer; it’s a special place that understands dealing with cancer goes beyond physical treatment." Since her treatment journey began, Linda founded a women's cancer survivor retreat and joined a cancer advisory group comprised of Henry Ford physicians and survivors.

At the Henry Ford Cancer Institute, all patients will find compassion and ongoing support from experienced cancer specialists. We have one of the largest cancer institutes in Michigan, treating patients from every continent and all 50 states. Our cancer doctors and other team members offer what every patient and family needs: rapid diagnosis, personalized care, and expert treatment of any type of cancer. Our guiding principle for the delivery of superior care demands a specialized team with the best experts coming together to treat each patient.

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