Breast Cancer Surgery

When it comes to breast cancer, there’s a surgical option for almost every situation.

Most breast cancer patients will undergo surgery. It’s natural to feel nervous and uncertain -- especially about the possibility of losing one or both breasts. But there are many surgical options when it comes to breast cancer.

Our surgical team has decades of experience in cancer cell elimination, breast conservation techniques, and breast reconstruction. We will walk you through your options, the surgical process, and follow-up requirements.

Janet's Story

During a routine mammogram, Janet learned she had breast cancer -- and it changed her life forever. With treatment and a mastectomy complete, Janet has a new “normal” -- and she’s better because of it.

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Henry Ford breast cancer surgery suite

We perform breast cancer surgery in a surgical suite dedicated to breast cancer patients. Here, breast cancer is our entire focus, and familiar health care providers will be by your side.

Our operating rooms have featured Faxitron technology since 2014. This Bluetooth-connected X-ray machine allows surgeons to X-ray a specimen in the operating room while the procedure is underway. A radiologist can immediately review it and confirm we have removed as much of the cancer as possible before the procedure is over. This improves accuracy and means your surgery may be shorter.

Types of breast cancer surgery

The type of breast cancer surgery that is right for you will depend on your diagnosis, health needs, and priorities. Our team performs thousands of breast cancer procedures each year. This means you have a wide array of techniques, approaches and technologies available to you.

You also may be a candidate for an innovative approach to breast conservation. Our team uses cryoablation to freeze breast tumors and kill the cancerous cells without surgery.

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