Bringing Cars Back to Life

Ron’s Story

Restoring classic cars can be rewarding, but the hard work takes a toll on the body. This was the case for classic car specialist Ron Hausmann of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, who started to experience pain in his hips and joints as he was restoring his classic car.

In 2012, Ron went to see his primary care physician Jeffrey Finn, M.D., to discuss the pain he was experiencing in his hips and joints. Dr. Finn recommended Ron set up an appointment with Henry Ford orthopedic physician Jason Davis, M.D. to discuss hip replacement surgery.

As Dr. Davis was evaluating Ron for his hip replacement surgery, he recommended Ron see a cardiologist because of his family history. Ron was then referred to Gerald Koenig, M.D. who performed a number of tests. Dr. Koenig was suspicious of some of Ron’s test results and ordered a catheter procedure for him. As a result, Dr. Koenig discovered Ron had five blocked arteries and would need surgery.

Ron was so impressed with the communication among the Henry Ford physicians regarding his care. “Communication is a key component,” Ron said, “as well as the seamless hand-off with the physicians.” He had a successful quintuple bypass surgery at Henry Ford Hospital with Hassan Nemeh, M.D. Three weeks later, Ron was back to work on what he loves, restoring classic cars so others can enjoy them.

Ron with his fully restored 1923 Kissel Model 6-45 Gold Bug Speedster.

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