Reality Heart Check

Low-cost heart screening is the ideal “reality check” for this retired teacher

Casandria Sims, a retired school teacher from Detroit, knows how to look after her health. She has regular check ups with her primary care physician, and has undergone a variety of health screenings in the past to ensure her health stayed on positive track. But it had been a while since her last screening, and when she learned about Henry Ford’s new $99 Heart Smart Screening, she decided to schedule an appointment for a much-needed “reality check” on her heart health.

“The results included some good things, things I was happy to hear, but also some things I needed to work on,” said Mrs. Sims. That included her cholesterol, which was elevated enough to prompt her personal physician to prescribe medication to help keep it under control. That, along with lifestyle changes including more heart-healthy eating and increased activity and exercise, are helping to ensure she stays on the right path.

Mrs. Sims was pleased with the communication between the cardiologist who interpreted her screening results and her primary care doctor. “He had a letter with my results when I saw him again at the office, so it made it very easy to discuss options for things I could to do improve my health.”

Spurred by the results of her heart health “reality check,” Mrs. Sims has told others about the screening, including her son, who has already completed his check-up.

“It’s all about making small changes and then trying to be consistent,” she says.

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