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Heart Smart® Screening

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The sooner you know your risk of heart disease, the better chance you have to keep your heart healthy and strong. If you are over 30 and have a family history of heart problems, or have a lifestyle that promotes heart disease, the Heart Smart® screening can help get you on the path to heart health.

The Heart Smart® screening provides detailed diagnostic imaging and lab work consisting of a seven-point 360-degree program.

The Heart Smart® screening provides:

  • 12-Lead ECG Test: Quickly measures the electrical activity of your heart
  • Blood Pressure Screening: Find out if your blood pressure is elevated
  • BMI Test: This will help determine if your weight is in an acceptable range
  • Vascular Disease Screening
    • Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Test: Examines the two major arteries in your neck to see if there is hardening, which is an early sign of vascular disease (available at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital
    • Carotid and Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening: Examines for vascular blockages in the neck, arms and legs, which is a sign of vascular disease (available at Henry Ford Wyandotte Hospital)
  •  Comprehensive Risk Assessment: A Henry Ford cardiologist will interpret your test results and determine if you are at risk for heart disease
  • Fasting Blood Glucose Screening: Measures your blood sugar levels for conditions that could damage your eyes, kidneys, nerves and blood vessels
  • Lipid Profile Test: A great way to figure out if your cholesterol is too high.
Heart Smart® Screening

This screening includes something no other area hospital offers – one-on-one review of your results with a board-certified cardiologist.

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