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Our Heart Smart® Cookbook, written by Darlene Zimmerman and the experts at the Henry Ford Heart & Vascular Institute, shows you how to prepare snacks and meals that are not only good for you but also delicious! It includes meal plans, recipes and tips that make it easy and fun to cook up heart-healthy food for your entire family.

The Heart Smart® Cookbook is the perfect source for heart-healthy eating. It offers tips to help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Boost energy
  • Lower your risk for diabetes
  • Lower your risk for heart disease
  • Become more healthy

The Heart Smart® Cookbook series, published by The Detroit Free Press, translates the latest medical and nutrition research into real-life tools to help you make heart-healthy lifestyle changes. You will learn how to plan, shop for and prepare an easy-to-do eating plan that can lower your risk of heart disease and still be able to enjoy eating. This popular cookbook series has already sold more than 100,000 copies nationally.

The new edition, Heart Smart® III, contains:

  • 200 new recipes
  • Links to informational videos
  • Directions for creating tasty, healthy snacks, meals, desserts and more
  • Information on meal planning, health and fitness, dining out and reading food labels
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