Krystal Hicks Patient Story

Krystal Hicks, a 29 year old from Detroit, heard about the Lifestyle Enhancement Visit from a fellow co-worker at Henry Ford Hospital. The co-worker had gone to the appointment and had a pleasant experience, so she decided to pass along the information.

Krystal had been trying to lose weight for a while, but was struggling to keep if off. She scheduled the appointment looking for concrete guidance with her health. “I am young,” she says. “Something needed to change.”

When it came time for the appointment, Krystal was nervous and almost considered not going. She assumed that it would be the same old thing that she has always heard: she had to lose weight if she wanted to feel better. Fortunately for her, Dr. Deirdre Mattina and her team are dedicated to making all their patients as comfortable as possible.

She liked the exercise stress test on the treadmill the best. It pushed her to her limits, but the technician’s good sense of humor was encouraging and kept her engaged. The dietitian worked with her to develop a diet that stressed treating yourself occasionally while easing your way into eating better.

And it wasn’t long before Krystal was seeing results from her visit. “I’ve already lost 5 pounds,” she says just a week after her initial appointment. And she couldn’t be more grateful. “Overall it was amazing.”

Now Krystal is working to live a healthier lifestyle. She has posted a brochure about heart healthy foods on her fridge to make sure she is getting all the daily nutrients she needs. She also has been using a fitbit to motivate herself to reach goals and be more active.

The same woman who was nervous for her first appointment is looking forward to her next follow up to track her progress all thanks to the great work of Dr. Mattina and her staff.

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