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Pediatric Epilepsy Care

The doctors at Henry Ford Pediatric Neurology treat your child with epilepsy with warmth and compassion. We include the entire family in our treatment decisions and collaborate with your local pediatrician. Our epilepsy specialists guarantee appointments within seven business days.

Our team is dedicated to:

  • Early and accurate diagnosis of pediatric epilepsy
  • Research, teaching, learning and continual improvement
  • Providing your family with all the care and education that you need
  • Maximizing each child’s potential and quality of life

Henry Ford pediatric neurology: Why choose us

Henry Ford Pediatric Neurology is part of our Epilepsy Center, the largest group epilepsy program in Michigan. We specialize in pediatric seizures and all forms of epilepsy, including other needs your child may have a result of this condition, such as learning challenges or behavioral and social issues.

Families come to Henry Ford from throughout the Midwest for our:

  • Thorough testing and diagnosis
  • Extensive, 24/7 epilepsy monitoring
  • Unique, eight-hour EEG monitoring services
  • Child-friendly atmosphere
  • Strong emphasis on safety
  • Discussion of cases at our weekly multidisciplinary conference
  • Extended appointment blocks for new and returning patients
  • Family education and counseling
  • Additional resources in neurodevelopmental disabilities (Henry Ford Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities)

Treating children with epilepsy at Henry Ford Hospital

Seizures can be frightening for you and your child. Frequent seizures may also increase social and academic disadvantages for children. At Henry Ford, we are committed to maximizing each child’s potential and quality of life, working with your family to determine the best course of care.

Treatment options for epilepsy at Henry Ford include:

  • Anticonvulsant medications: These medications work to reduce or eliminate seizures. The pediatric neurology team at Henry Ford will review and monitor your child’s medical history, recent illnesses and nutritional status to help determine which drug therapy is most suitable.
  • Surgery: If your child has frequent, severe seizures, he or she may be a candidate for surgery. Seizures that respond well to surgery include those that originate from a specific zone of the brain rather than from multiple areas. Learn more about epilepsy surgery at Henry Ford.
  • Vagal nerve stimulator: In conjunction with medication, the vagal nerve stimulator may help inhibit seizures. The stimulator is a small, battery-powered electrical device that we implant below the collarbone. It delivers electrical signals to the brain through the vagus nerve. The electrical signal may stop or shorten the episode.

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