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Josephine Ford Cancer Institute first in region to offer Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Simulator for Cancer Treatment

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Available at only a handful of the top cancer centers in the country, the Josephine Ford Cancer Institute (JFCI) now offers patients advanced treatment planning, and significant improvement in imaging in a comfortable setting, thanks to technology known as Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Simulator (Open MRI-sim). With the assistance of a generous gift from the Elizabeth, Allan and Warren Shelden Fund, JFCI is the first in the region to offer the Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging Simulator.

Patients of the Josephine Ford Cancer Institute who have prostate, breast, gynecological or central nervous system (brain and spine) cancers will be the first to benefit from this new technology.

For the past decade, the imaging standard around the world for radiation oncology has been Computerized Tomography (CT), known as CT-sim (CT simulation). Along with the treatment successes of CT scans, there have been limitations in clarity that, in some cancers, affects the precision of radiation treatment.

The MR Simulator gives treatment planners an image when combined with the CT image greatly enhances the clinicians’ ability to deliver a higher dose of treatment to a more precise location in the body.

With the new “open” MRI technology, patients will be more comfortable and move less, improving images even more. The past, claustrophobia-inducing tube of typical MRI’s is replaced with a comfortable and open table. Using this image in conjunction with a CT scan, treatment planners can create doses that are more precise. Additionally, patients get a higher quality image with no radiation risk.

The technology, which involves a one-hour non-invasive planning appointment, is available for patients evaluated and screened by a radiation oncologist anywhere in Henry Ford Health System. Patients need to have the appropriate tumor type to be eligible for this technology, and in the planning stages of their radiation treatment. The MRI-sim is located at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital.

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