Axumin PET

This procedure is performed for men with suspected prostate cancer recurrence based on elevated blood prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels following prior treatment.

It uses the diagnostic imaging agent Axumin to produce images with PET/CT scanning, which combines positron emission tomography (PET) scanning to show physiologic (functional) changes in the body and computed tomography (CT) scanning to show a detailed depiction of your anatomy where these changes could be taking place.


  • A technologist will insert an IV line, typically in your arm.
  • Once on the scanner table, you will be asked to lie on your back and put your arms over your head. Let a staff member know if you will be unable to hold this position for 30 minutes.
  • You will be given an injection of Axumin through the IV.
  • The scan will begin about 3 to 5 minutes after completion of the Axumin dose.
  • The scan will last about 30 minutes.


  • Please arrive at the time provided for your appointment.
  • Avoid significant exercise for at least one day (24 hours) prior to your appointment.
  • Do not eat or drink for at least 4 hours (other than small amounts of water for taking medications) prior to appointment.


  • If you will be unable to have the scan, please contact us prior to 7 a.m. the day of the scan at (313) 916-2983. To contact us after hours, leave a voice mail message at (313) 916-3217.
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