Artist Finds Pain Relief

artist finds pain reliefJames Pujdowski suffered a knee injury while playing basketball 20 years ago. After trying a number of different treatments to help alleviate the pain, his primary care physician recommended he try acupuncture. After five sessions, he experienced less pain in his knee, was not limping and felt back to normal. This was his first introduction to alternative medicine and he became a believer.

This past June, James retired as a high school art teacher and he was ready to enjoy retirement and paint, however, he experienced another injury to his knee. He had swelling and pain in his shin, he could not drive and his sleep was interrupted. And he was unable to stand for five to six hours to work on his paintings. The pain felt very familiar from his last injury twenty years ago, and he wanted to try acupuncture again. He searched on the internet and came across the Center for Integrative Medicine at Henry Ford Medical Center – Novi.

He first had a consultation with Henry Ford registered acupuncturist Dr. Ryan Gauthier, who came up with a plan for his knee pain. After six acupuncture sessions, he was not experiencing any pain and was back to his normal activities. James said, “I highly recommend acupuncture, I did not feel the needles and it is also very relaxing.” James is back to his painting and showing his art in local art shows.
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