Beth Waters: Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Doing ordinary things like getting in and out of a car or even dressing for work was a real pain for Beth Waters. “I was a 9 on the pain scale before I got my new hip, but today I’m thrilled to say I’m pain free.”

Before Beth Waters received an anterior total hip replacement at Henry Ford Allegiance Health, doing ordinary things like getting in and out of a car or even dressing for work was a real pain. “I was a 9 on the pain scale before I got my new hip, but today I’m thrilled to say I’m pain free.”

Beth tried physical therapy and injections to address her pain, but they failed to provide lasting relief. After performing an evaluation, Henry Ford Allegiance orthopedic surgeon Timothy Ekpo, DO, recommended an anterior total hip replacement.

“Dr. Ekpo is up on the latest procedures. He took the time to explain the benefits of an anterior hip replacement and why it was right for me. I’m very happy I took his recommendation.”

To perform an anterior total hip replacement, Dr. Ekpo uses the most minimal incision on the front of the hip, which creates less damage and trauma to the soft tissue around the hip. This typically results in a shorter recovery time after surgery.

I had my surgery on a Thursday and was able to go home the next day. By four weeks after surgery, I was walking two miles a day. And at six weeks, I was back at work.” – Beth Waters, total hip replacement patient

It’s not unusual for individuals coping with hip pain to stall off surgery for months or even years, hoping the problem will somehow go away. But Beth said, “If you’re in pain, please see your doctor. Don’t put it off. You’ll feel so much better, and you’ll be able to do things you can’t do now. You will notice the difference very quickly.”

It didn’t take long for Beth’s friends to notice the difference in her too. “They see I’m not grimacing in pain any more, and when they want to go take a walk, I’m ready to join them.”

Thanks to her new hip, Beth enjoys working out on an elliptical machine at the gym and at home. She also likes to walk on her lunch break. “I can’t wait to kayak this summer. Now that I’m feeling really good, I’m on the upswing of life,” Beth said.

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