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Lung and Thoracic Cancer

Breathe easier with lifesaving therapies and sophisticated treatments

Our team treats more than 650 people each year for lung cancer and other cancers that can develop in your chest. We have the expertise to diagnose these thoracic cancers quickly and accurately and provide recommendations tailored to your needs.

Before you start mapping out a treatment plan, you may want to take this crucial step:

Get a Second Opinion

Treatment options for thoracic cancer at Henry Ford Health System

Some thoracic cancer treatments provide a potential cure. Others control disease or relieve symptoms, including restricted breathing. We offer the full range of options for mesothelioma, thymoma and thymic carcinoma, and all types of lung cancer.

Our thoracic cancer treatments include:

  • Light-based therapy: Some people can avoid surgery for early-stage tumors. Learn more about photodynamic therapy
  • Robotic-assisted and other minimally invasive surgeries: We specialize in procedures that avoid open operations, speed recovery and preserve lung tissue. Learn more about lung cancer surgery or thymectomy.
  • Precise radiation: We use the most sophisticated radiation systems available to adjust for lung movement, concentrate treatment and limit side effects. Learn more about lung cancer and its treatment.
  • Procedures without incisions: Interventional pulmonology treatments can relieve symptoms and provide more options for cancer that returns or is complex. We offer the state’s only comprehensive program for these procedures.
  • Latest drugs: In addition to chemotherapy, potentially life-extending medications can target tumor changes or unleash your immune system. Learn more about lung cancer drugs.

Why you should come to us for thoracic cancer care

You can feel confident choosing Henry Ford when faced with thoracic cancer. Our thoracic cancer team offers:

  • Experience across specialties: We care for complex lung cancers and less-frequent thoracic cancers. Some oncologists may only see thymoma or thymic carcinoma once a decade, but we often treat several cases at a time. Familiarity matters for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment.
  • Combined knowledge: Our tumor board brings together various specialists in one room, to pool expertise and make the right recommendations for you. Learn more about how tumor boards work.
  • Accessible screening: Low-dose CT scans can spot subtle signs of cancer in people with a history of smoking. Learn more about lung cancer screening, offered at no or low cost .
  • Clinical trials: Our participation in early tests helped secure approval for the first two lung cancer immunotherapies. We continue to offer one of the country’s most active programs for thoracic cancer clinical trials. Learn more about lung cancer clinical trials, as well as trials for mesothelioma.
  • Additional services: We provide thoracic cancer support that goes beyond diagnosis and treatment, including opportunities to connect with others who have received care.
Newly diagnosed? Contact the cancer team 24/7 by calling (888) 777-4167 or request an appointment online.
Diagnosed with lung cancer?

When facing a life-changing cancer diagnosis, you may want to take a crucial, but often overlooked step: Get a second opinion.

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