Interventional Pulmonology

How advanced techniques can diagnose and treat cancer -- and help you breathe easier.

The field of interventional pulmonology focuses on advanced techniques to diagnose and treat conditions such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. These procedures provide more options for patients with complex or recurring lung tumors, or who need therapeutic treatment to relieve pain and breathing difficulty.

We have the only comprehensive interventional pulmonology program in Michigan. It’s a cornerstone of our thoracic cancer department. Our specialists helped develop some of the most advanced minimally invasive lung procedures used today. We are also one of the few fellowship training programs in the country.

How can interventional pulmonology help me?

Our interventional pulmonologists perform bronchoscopy to diagnose and treat thoracic cancer. This minimally invasive procedure uses a bronchoscope -- a thin, hollow tube with a camera and light at the end -- to biopsy or take pictures of the inside of your airways and lungs. These procedures can help:

  • Diagnose cancer
  • Destroy tumors
  • Help you breathe easier
  • Prepare you for chemotherapy using therapeutic techniques
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