Marilyn's Story

Lung Cancer Patient StoryBefore lung cancer symptoms appeared, an early screening saved her life.

Early detection is key to survival. Unfortunately, many patients are diagnosis at an advanced stage, when they have already begun to experience persistent cough, chest pain and wheezing, and their cancer is more difficult to treat.  

While Marilyn did not have any signs of lung cancer, due to her smoking history her primary care doctor referred her to the Lung Cancer Screening Clinic. She attended the class and was screened on the same day. Within 24 hours, Marilyn was called and asked to come in for further testing due to her screening results. Her biopsy confirmed Stage 1 lung cancer, and days later Dr. Miguel Alvelo-Rivera performed thoracic surgery to remove the tumor. 

Her physicians recommended she begin chemotherapy immediately after surgery to lower the risk of the cancer returning or spreading to other parts of the body.

“I have received great treatment. Things are going so fast it almost makes me dizzy,” she says. “I recommend those who are candidates for this screening to get tested. It may save your life,” Marilyn says. 
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